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Regular wooden shirt/pant hanger

  • Regular wooden shirt/pant hanger
  • Regular wooden shirt/pant hanger

Regular Wooden Shirt/pant Hanger

  • Item: YLW33527
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Style: Display/ personal use
  • Characteristic: Classic pant hanger
  • Application: Ideal for hanging pants
  • Specification: 35.5*2.7*1.2cm


Non-slip Pant Hangers For Super Support

With Classic Pant wooden Hanger, all of your worries are taken care of. These 9" wide hangers are legit - they're made from heavy gauge steel and are perfect for hanging any pants without fear of them drooping or falling, thanks to their strong clips that keep pants hung longer.

The pant holders are composed of secure nonslip on their place. Within each clip, a five-coil spring is easy to pinch open. The design rubberized each end cap on the bars to keep them stuck. Not to mention, they're stylish as hell and will add a touch of luxury to your home. Order yours now and start press and hang hassle free.

Product Features:

•Pure metal 360 swivel hook hangs perfectly anywhere.  

•Specification: 35.5*2.7*1.2cm.

•Specially designed for hanging pants.

•Available in the heavy-duty wooden body.

•Compact design helps keep your closet space tidy. 

•Wooden pant hangers with a firm grip.