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High-end wooden coat hanger

  • High-end wooden coat hanger
  • High-end wooden coat hanger

High-end Wooden Coat Hanger

  • Item: YLW001
  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Style: Display/ personal use
  • Characteristic: heavy-duty beech wood coat hanger
  • Application: coats / shirts / heavy clothes
  • Specification: 44*1.8*5.0cm


Transform your closet with this stylish and practical wooden coat hanger set

This Wooden Coat Hanger set is the perfect way to elevate your entryway closet ensemble or give your master suite walk-in a mini makeover. Crafted from wood, it features a contoured design that keeps clothes wrinkle-free, a 360° swivel rod hook that hangs, and indents on either side for keeping tank tops from slipping off. Arrives in a set of 24.

Made from high-quality wood, this must-have accessory features a curved design with a neutral solid finish and a sleek swivel rod up top that keeps it on the rack. Indents on either side are perfect for keeping tank tops from slipping off, while a bar across the center keeps pants corralled.

Product Features:

•Specification: 44*1.8*5.0cm.

•Made from natural beech wood material. 

•Wide shoulders are good for avoiding creases in the clothes 

•These hangers are 17 inches long for suitable coverage.

•Can be used for hangings sorts of shirt pieces.

•Best the choice for retailers, brand owners, and consumers.