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Elegantly wooden shirt hanger

  • Elegantly wooden shirt hanger
  • Elegantly wooden shirt hanger

Elegantly Wooden Shirt Hanger

  • Item: YLW257
  • Material: Wood
  • Application: designed for shirts
  • Specification: 44*1.05cm


Stylish Collection Of Wooden Hangers 

Choosing the right hanger can be a dramatic upgrade for your clothes and your closet—best for keeping your garments in good condition.

If you could only buy one kind of hanger for the rest of the time, you should choose wooden hangers made by Yeelin.

Our wooden hangers come with shoulder notches for securing skinny straps and chrome hooks to let your dress in its place.

They're available in 20  packs made from lotus wood coated with a lacquer finish for the perfect finish. Our wooden hangers are an affordable and lightweight option.

Product Features:

•Specification: 44*1.05cm

• Natural wood material no polish or artificial

•Natural wood hanger with a beautiful smooth natural finish.

•Durable and luxury shirt hangers.

•Light wooden hangers designed for hangings shirts.

•These wooden hangers are 17.5inch long, suitable for all different sizes of shirts.