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Wooden Hanger

Antique Wooden Suit Hanger

Product Features: •Specification: 42*2.0*4.0cm • Material (Beechwood) • Our products come with a beautiful smooth natural finish. •Durable and sturdy coat hangers • These hangers are perfect for multi-use

Elegantly wooden shirt hanger

Stylish Collection Of Wooden Hangers  Choosing the right hanger can be a dramatic upgrade for your clothes and your closet—best for keeping your garments in good condition. If you could only buy one kind of hanger for the rest of the time, you should choose wooden hangers made by Yeelin. Our wooden hangers come with shoulder notches for securing skinny straps and chrome hooks to let your dress in its place. They're available in 20  packs made from lotus wood coated with a lacquer finish for the perfect finish. Our wooden hangers are an affordable and lightweight option. Product Features: •Specification: 44*1.05cm • Natural wood material no polish or artificial •Natural wood hanger with a beautiful smooth natural finish. •Durable and luxury shirt hangers. •Light wooden hangers designed for hangings shirts. •These wooden hangers are 17.5inch long, suitable for all different sizes of shirts.

Wide Shoulder luxury Wooden Coat Hangers

Product Features: •Specification: 42*1.6*3.2cm • Wooden coating base hangers  • Flexible and durable for use •Wide shoulders that avoid bending of coat shoulders keeping them in original shape. •These are 17 inches long hanger perfect for medium to large sizes   •Can be used for hanging shirts/blazers/ sweaters too.

High-end wooden coat hanger

Transform your closet with this stylish and practical wooden coat hanger set This Wooden Coat Hanger set is the perfect way to elevate your entryway closet ensemble or give your master suite walk-in a mini makeover. Crafted from wood, it features a contoured design that keeps clothes wrinkle-free, a 360° swivel rod hook that hangs, and indents on either side for keeping tank tops from slipping off. Arrives in a set of 24. Made from high-quality wood, this must-have accessory features a curved design with a neutral solid finish and a sleek swivel rod up top that keeps it on the rack. Indents on either side are perfect for keeping tank tops from slipping off, while a bar across the center keeps pants corralled. Product Features: •Specification: 44*1.8*5.0cm. •Made from natural beech wood material.  •Wide shoulders are good for avoiding creases in the clothes  •These hangers are 17 inches long for suitable coverage. •Can be used for hangings sorts of shirt pieces. •Best the choice for retailers, brand owners, and consumers.

Wooden coat hanger

Product Features: •Specification: 42*1.4*2.5cm. •Available in wood coating and PU Flocked Foam Puff. •Durable and heavy-duty black hangers. •Wide hanger with sleek material to carry coats and shirts perfectly. •These hangers are wide and long enough to display different sizes  • Best suitable for Shirts/blazers/ sweaters

Regular wooden top hanger High Gloss Black Finish

Product Features: •Specification: 43*1.2cm •Available in wooden top high gloss finish material   •Rigid heavy-duty black color hangers  •Glossy touch which will increase the aesthetic appeal of your wardrobe  •Feasible for hanging shirts/blazers/ sweaters

Regular wooden top hanger

Product Features: •Pure metal 360 swivel hook hangs perfectly anywhere.   •Specification: 43*1.2cm •Available in retro wooden finish. •Durable wooden finish hangers. •These hangers are  17.5 inches long for suitable coverage. •Can be used for hanging shirts/blazers/ sweaters too. •Best choice for retailers, brand owners and consumers. • High-Quality curve wooden hangers.

Regular Cedar wooden top hanger

Cedar Wood Hangers Are The Perfect Solution For Any Home Cedar wood Hangers are made with 100% natural cedar that is hand-picked for its superior strength and durability. Unlike cheaper wooden hangers that may only last a few months or years, our cedar hangers are built to last. Cedar Hangers offer natural benefits that set them apart from the competition. They're environmentally friendly, deodorizing, and anti-microbial, making your space smell great and preventing insects and mildew from taking hold. Plus, they look great - no more unsightly wooden hangers strewn throughout your home. Add Cedar Hangers to your shopping cart today and say goodbye to smelly clothes.  Product Features: •Pure metal 360 swivel hook hangs perfectly anywhere.   •Specification: 44.5*1.2cm. •Available in retro wooden finish. •Durable wooden finish hangers  •Can be used for hanging shirts/blazers/ sweaters too. •Best choice for retailers, brand owners, and consumers. • High-Quality curve Cedar wood hangers.

New Design wooden coat hanger

Product Features: •Pure metal 360 swivel hook hangs perfectly anywhere.   •Specification: 44*2.0*4.5cm. •Available in black wooden finish. •Durable wooden finish hangers. •Suitable for hanging shirts/blazers/ sweaters too. •Best choice for retailers, brand owners and consumers. •Black shiny wooden finish creates a sleek organized closet. 

Natural wood top hanger

Product Features: •Specification: 44.5*1.2cm. •Specially designed to place in narrow spaces. •Available in Beechwood material. •Slim beech wood hanger Keep closet manageable. •Durable flat lightweight body with a shiny surface.

Regular wooden shirt/pant hanger

Non-slip Pant Hangers For Super Support With Classic Pant wooden Hanger, all of your worries are taken care of. These 9" wide hangers are legit - they're made from heavy gauge steel and are perfect for hanging any pants without fear of them drooping or falling, thanks to their strong clips that keep pants hung longer. The pant holders are composed of secure nonslip on their place. Within each clip, a five-coil spring is easy to pinch open. The design rubberized each end cap on the bars to keep them stuck. Not to mention, they're stylish as hell and will add a touch of luxury to your home. Order yours now and start press and hang hassle free. Product Features: •Pure metal 360 swivel hook hangs perfectly anywhere.   •Specification: 35.5*2.7*1.2cm. •Specially designed for hanging pants. •Available in the heavy-duty wooden body. •Compact design helps keep your closet space tidy.  •Wooden pant hangers with a firm grip. 

Modern wooden suit hanger

Product Features: •Pure metal 360 swivel hook hangs perfectly anywhere.   •Modern design that goes well with modern closet. •Specification: 42*2.0*3.8cm. •Specially designed for hanging suits. •Available in the heavy-duty wooden body. •Compact design helps keep your closet space tidy.  •Black wooden finish and refined look. •Contoured body helps clothes keep their original shape.

Yeelin Introduces Ever-Pleasing Aesthetic Designs

Yeelin has to rethink our designs and try to make them super convenient and stylish than before. The new designs are better than the existing ones in a non-reflective manner; you can sense the trims and edges of designs by touching them and feeling the product.

Being a sought-after wooden hanger manufacturer, we have thoughtfully designed our new range of wooden hangers with many wooden shades. The new additions will give customers the best experience with our products. Our unique design addition includes:

•Sleek designs for an elegant look

•Rigid bodies for longevity

•Flexibility in design for better hang shape

•More color options

•Suitable for both thinker and thinner clothes

Wooden Hangers For Coats, Sweaters, Jackets, and More

The difference between a classy and crappy-looking closet is how you organize it and what kind of hangers you use. And adding a bunch of different hooks and pegs results in an unorganized closet. Yeelin, China's leading manufacturer of wooden hangers, introduces a product best for your all-hanging needs. So, whether you want to hang a jacket, coat, or sweater, our wooden hanger collection can serve all your needs.

Yeelin is the Wooden Hangers Supplier You are Waiting for

Yeelin, with years of skills in this industry, distinguishes itself from many other wood-made hanger manufacturers by excelling in the creation processes, thus producing far better products.

1. The wooden hangers we design are incredibly durable; thus, they can bear the weight of your heaviest apparel.

2. We offer well-designed and most stylish wooden hangers that add a great appeal to your wardrobe and outlet display.

3. Another reason to shop from Yeelin- the most sought-after wooden hangers supplier is that we offer customized deliveries based on agreed quotations.

4. Both bulk and trivial order options are available for small and large scale companies, so feel free to get a quote even in the case of small orders.

You Can Count On A Professional Wooden Hanger Company

Customer satisfaction is our priority, from quality to rates, and everything in between is designed around our consumer's desires.

Yes! You heard it right! You can shop the classiest wooden hangers from a well-known wooden hanger manufacturer in bulk and at wholesale rates for your store and boutiques.

Quality maintenance and stout individual product assessment have led us to claim flaw-free products in the most reasonable pricing you have ever wished.

Types Of Wood We Provide To Our Customer On-Demand

Below is a list of the different kinds of woods material that we use in our custom orders:-

Beechwood – highly suitable for heavy clothes

We have currently started using imported beech wood to produce a new collection of luxurious hangers. The stereotype, oak satin finish is in operations these days. The visible attributes of the material will be covered with a dark finish as per the order requirement. The weight of beech wood is extraordinarily unique, which makes it an excellent option for heavy luxury hangings such as fur coats and alike.

Maplewood – the highly preferred choice of retailers due to brisk designs

Being a customer-centric wooden hanger manufacturer, we take great care of our customers' preferences and refine our products according to their desires.

We consider maple for our naturally-finished hanger because, ultimately, nothing can stand against our customer's will for robust strength in solid hangers.

Despite being more expensive, we do invest in a strong base for applying a natural finish. The outer layer coats perfectly on maple giving it the most refined natural finish that no other material can achieve. Retailer and quality display lovers praise our maple wood finish yields a breathtaking finished outlook.

Note: Ashwood material option is not available in permanent collections. However, if you find it interesting, inquire about the possibility and cost of a custom order!