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Satin Hanger

Display fashion pink hanger luxury cloth hanger

Item #: DNF6615R Finish: Red                   Size:44*1.2cm Desc.:Wooden fabric top hanger, fits for different garments. Strong anti-sliding and well protection to garments. Different fabrics available.

Children Kids Baby Clothes Hot Pink Velvet Hanger

Finish:Pink or any other customized            Size: 44*1.2cm Remark:different fabric available

Hot sale best quality make pink color fabric clothes hanger

Item #: DNS8001 Size: 38x3.5cm Material: wooden piece +sponge+ fabric+lace Feature: Suitable for underwear,wedding dress and kids garment

Custom Flocked Coat Hangers Suit Clothing

Item #:DNS8002 Material: wooden piece+sponge+cotton fabric Feature:Chinese cheongsam fabric, different colors

Yeelin-The Right Place to Get Wholesale Wooden Hangers 

If you are searching for hangers for your wardrobe, then Yeelin has the answer to all your questions. We provide wholesale wooden hangers, metal hangers, satin hangers, fiberglass transparent mannequins, and laundry hangers that are durable and capable of handling all kinds of heavy clothes. Hanging clothes might sound like an easy task, but it can be challenging to get the right set of hangers to accommodate the clothes. The clothes might weigh different, and you would need to have appropriate to put each of the cloth on them properly. Our hangers are the best in class and are designed to ensure that your fabric doesn’t lose its original shape. 

How to Choose the Right Hanger?

Choosing a hanger to store your clothes can be difficult, so it’s essential to pick the right clothes hanger to accommodate your precious clothes. Here are different types of hangers you should know about

Satin Hangers

Satin hangers have a padded surrounding that ensures that your clothes are safe from all kinds of wear and tear while they are hanged. We have put extra effort into making our satin hangers, ensuring that the padding protects your precious clothes, making the hangers reliable and durable. 

Wooden Hangers

The wooden hangers can be classified as heavy-duty hangers as they can accommodate almost all kinds of clothes. These hangers are made up of high-quality wood and are suitable to hang clothes like jackets and coats. We have curated our wooden hangers according to our customer’s needs, and the bulk production capabilities make us a pioneer wholesale wooden hangers provider.

Why Choose Yeelin?

Here are the elements that set us apart from the competition 

• High-quality wood material to make the hangers last longer.

• Affordability makes it easy to treat your clothes in the right way

• Curated designs to make your wardrobe look beautiful