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Should You Hang Or Fold The Clothes For Better Storage?

Should You Hang Or Fold The Clothes For Better Storage?

Everyone wishes to have the best possible clothes in the wardrobe, and people buy things that they think would suit them the best. The real struggle starts after you have shopped for your favourite outfits, and now it's time to arrange them in the wardrobe according to the space that is available at your disposal. The real deal is to know how you are supposed to store your different clothes depending on the space that they would occupy in your wardrobe. 

When storing your clothes, ensure that you sort them in such a way that you have the idea about which clothes are supposed to be folded and which of them would require cloth hangers to keep their original state intact. There are many people who are not aware of how they are supposed to deal with each type of cloth, and eventually, they end up damaging their precious clothes, never to wear them again. 

The fabric of the cloth that you are aiming to store also plays a vital role in the final decision about how you will be storing each type of cloth. Some of the clothes are designed to be bulky, and they occupy more space; hence you have to use a smarter approach when you are about to make space for them in your versatile wardrobe. When storing your clothes, you should be careful not to sabotage the crease of each outfit you that you can have them in the best state when you are willing to wear them for the day. 

When it comes to storage, you should ensure that you get the clothes arrange in such a manner that you can get easy access to each outfit whenever you need them to wear during any part of the day. You can get different types of hangers made by a reliable cloth hangers producer so you can be tension-free and have your clothes at your fingertips.

Here is a guide for you to understand what type of clothes you can fold or hang.

Clothes to Hang


Linen is famous for getting wrinkled over time, so it's best to get the linen clothes separately hanged in your closet. Hanging the linen clothes will avoid the occurrence of unnecessary creases that might show up if you fold the clothes and keep them in any given space. 


Denim pants usually don't need to be hanged as the fabric is famous for maintaining its form for a long time. Although, it is important to hang the cotton pants as they are notorious for getting the unnecessary crease that might force to get it ironed once again as it is most likely to get wrinkled. Hanging the cotton pants will help them maintain their look and eventually prevent the need for them to be ironed again, saving your precious time. 


When it comes to jackets, they are known to be sensitive, and you need to keep them safe so that there's no chance for them to be damaged. The best way you can store a jacket is to hang them properly so it can serve you in the future. In case you decide to hang them, there's a high chance that the fabric of the jacket might get stretched or compromised by any means. 

Clothes to Fold 


Everyone loves to own a good number of sweatshirts as they are fashion icons when it comes to winter clothing. The thing that stresses the sweatshirt owners is the fact that they have a bulky form factor which makes them occupy most of the space in the wardrobe. It is better to fold them properly to not only save some space but to keep them from being stretched. If, in any case, hangers are used to hang them, they might lose their original shape. You can use high-quality wooden cloth hangers to ensure that the sweatshirts in their true form. 


Shorts are compact in size, making them occupy the least space, so it's safe to say that you can fold all of your shorts and toss them in your wardrobe. There's no need to even iron them as they are mainly made up of polyester, which is famous for maintaining its true shape in all conditions. 


Denim is the kind of fabric that retains its shape no matter what, so it's better to fold your jeans in half and store them in your wardrobe. They don't have any kind of crease, so the chances of them being damaged or compromised are minimum, so you can simply fold them and be wear them whenever you desire.