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Novel Ways To Store Clothes Without A Closet

Novel Ways To Store Clothes Without A Closet

Everyone wishes to have an abundance of clothes for every occasion and rightly so everyone deserves to look good at all times. Buying new clothes is a fascinating task to do for many, but handling your existing clothes along with the ones that you have bought recently can be a tricky task. It's understandable that your need for new clothes can never be dictated by the fact that you have no further pace left to accommodate the new or the existing pile of clothes. 

Do many people have closets filled with clothes with them, no long space left to facilitate the new purchases, and many are skeptical about the fact that whether they should invest in a closet or not? The need for a closet is an inevitable thing that can't be neglected for a long time, but till the time you invest in a bigger closet, there are different ways that you can utilize to hang your clothes properly without damaging them. 

Here are a few solutions for you if you are in need to store your clothes without a fully functional closet.

A Built-in Closet

It's obvious that having a built-in closet couldn't be a viable solution for a fraction of people, but if you have a space that you can convert into a walled closet, then you should really go for it. It would not only be easier for you to keep your clothes, but it might turn into a much-needed investment for you. It would you a space that you can use to keep your clothes safe, and it might serve as a secondary storage compartment whenever you decide to invest in a full-fledged closet for your clothes. There are different service providers who you can contact and get the closet made according to your needs in your room. They would provide you the price and the required information so you can make a better decision about what you plan to do about the storage space for your home. For more cloth storage ideas check out the spruce  blog it is also worth reading 

Make The Most Of The Shelves 

Do you have any unused shelves in your room that you haven't been able to use for any purpose? If yes, then you have a solution right in front of you. You can simply turn those shelves into a storage area for your clothes and give the shelves a purpose. The space that wasn't being used previously can now be turned into a useful storage space. You can fold your clothes and make more space out of them if you are not someone for whom it's essential to hang clothes in all situations. 

Clothing Rack 

Getting a clothing rack could be a great solution if you are not in a mood to invest in a good quality closet for your increasing number of clothes. The clothing rack gives you an opportunity to choose different size configurations that are meant to fulfill your clothing hanging needs. The best part of these racks is that they are easy to build and disassemble as they are available for DIY jobs, and you can make or break them by yourself. The clothing racks are easily transportable from one place to another, and their portability has made them immensely popular as a closet alternative. One thing that you need to keep in mind before investing in a clothing rack is that you would require a good number of strong wooden hangers to hang your clothes properly so that they are not left without any support. The cloth hangers are an excellent investment that would not only keep your clothes safe but also would last you for years so that whenever you decide to invest in a closet, they would help you to organize your clothes according to the sizes of different outfits. It's advisable that you get a good number of wooden hangers so that you easily store your clothes without compromising the quality of your precious clothing collection. 

Wooden Crates 

When it comes to storing clothes, one of the unique ways is to store your clothes to get some wooden crates and place your clothes sophisticatedly in different spaces. You can use them as a storage medium for the clothes that you are willing to fold to fit in properly. You wouldn't need cloth hangers for that purpose, but you can get some for the future in case you decide to spend money on a brand-new closet. You can get as many wooden crates as your available space allows you to, as it is a great alternative in case you are living alone and have a small space at your disposal. 

Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves are one of the most recent and inexpensive solutions that you can use to store your clothes without any issues. The benefit that they provide is quite unique as they are portable and can be made anywhere you want, depending on the space that you have at your disposal. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have strong wooden hangers that you can use to hang your precious clothes. There are many manufacturers that provide different size options for hangers that you can buy at a low price in the case you are planning on buying them in a bulk quantity for the future. 


One more thing that has been a popular course of action among the masses for the purpose of storing clothes is the use of different designated drawers. You can have different compartments built in your drawers where you can keep your clothes folded and use them when you feel the need. They not only help you to keep your clothes properly but also provide the much-needed organization of your belongings. If you think that having a drawer is a temporary fix, then you should truly consider investing in some good quality hangers that would be useful for you at the time when you decide to have a move from the drawer to a fully functional closet for your clothes and other belongings.  you can also take some inspiration from Pinterest as it has dozens of other exciting ideas on this topic.