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How To Organize And Declutter Your Closet

How To Organize And Declutter Your Closet

Everyone loves to shop for their favorite clothes, and many people conduct shopping hauls to fill up their wardrobes with clothes and accessories for different occasions. The real problem arises when it comes to properly store different clothes in your wardrobe because, after a point, there is no space left even for the clothes you have already bought. Many people face the dilemma about what they should do to have enough space to accommodate different outfits in their closets, but there's a catch in all of this chaos. You can prioritize your clothing needs and declutter the clothes that are no longer needed; you can make adequate space for the ones you have recently bought from your favorite store.

You can easily manage all the clothes you have piled up in your closet if you use better management tactics for your wardrobe. Many ways can be helpful to leave you with plenty of space that you can utilize in any way you desire and have your clothes diversified in categories according to your personal preference. Here are some basic tips that can help you organize and declutter your closet so you can make space for some new clothes. 

Categorize Your Clothes 

One basic tactic that many people ignore is that you should categorize your clothes according to your ease and make your closet a lot more manageable than before. You can divide the clothes into two categories, mainly formal and informal, separating them for the sake of easy access when you need them. You can also divide clothes depending on the weight and material to take out the clothes that you need for a certain season. When you are done with categorizing, you will notice that there would be plenty of space previously gathered by the clothes that were either too old or were not suitable for a certain season. You can apply this approach now and then, allowing yourself to store your clothes in the right manner. 

Hang The Heavy Clothes

It often happens that your wardrobe is filled with sweaters, jackets, and other heavy clothes that occupy most of the space in your closet. The thing with heavy clothes is that they are usually very bulky in size as they hold a massive chunk of space in your wardrobe, leaving little to no space for the outfits you wear every day. The thing that you can do is to invest in good-quality wooden hangers and have them hanged in their designated space so you can have all of your heavy outfits in one space. Different hangers suppliers offer various wooden and plastic hangers that you can utilize to house a variety of clothes that you have lying in your wardrobe. The price range of different hangers might vary depending on their material and size, but if you play the cards right, there's a chance that you can get the required hangers at a low price. 

Clean Your Closet 

When you are settling your clothes, it's good to give your wardrobe a good clean. The cleaning process will not only make your closet neat and clean, but it would also provide you with a chance to spot spaces that you might want to use for different clothes and accessories. When you are done cleaning the wardrobe, you would have a clear idea about what you want to do with all the space in your wardrobe. 

Donate Your Clothes 

When you are decluttering your clothes, it's a good time to make a few donations with different clothes that are of no use to you. You can help the needy and reclaim the previously occupied spaces with clothes that you don't want to use in the near future. You can contact different organizations that receive clothes as a donation or put an ad on the internet to increase visibility. 

Work Smartly 

It happens many times that your accessories are lying everywhere around your wardrobe, and it ends up creating an unimaginable mess. You can keep yourself away from this mess by investing in high-quality container boxes and shoe racks in which you can organize your shoes, belts, and every possible accessory that you need to pair with your choice of clothing options. There are many sizes available of different boxes and shoe containers that you can find at any affordable seller. You can also make a portion by using several dividers that can assist you in storing small accessories that are fragile and can get lost in no time. One more approach that you can take is to invest in drawers. 

Invest In Hangers 

It's important to realize the importance of hangers in your newly settled wardrobe. You should invest in plastic and wooden hangers to house your light and heavy clothes respectively. Investing in hangers will not only make your wardrobe organized in a better way but also will increase the lifespan of your clothes that were previously lying around. The wooden hangers that you would buy will serve you in the long run and help you store your precious clothes better. It would be best if you bought these hangers from a reputable seller, so you don't have to worry about the subpar quality that is the case when it comes to different hanger manufacturers. 

Fold It Away

When you are working with sweaters, trousers, and denim, you should make enough space for them so they can be stored after being folded; folding comes handy when you have to settle T-shirts and denim while you have limited space at your disposal. You can work things around by dividing the bottoms into categories such as trousers, denim, cotton pants, and jogger pants, so you don't have to think which one you have to pick. Labeling can also be very useful as you can use any tape and write the name of each category so you can put your hands on a specific cloth without giving it a thought.