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A Detailed Guide About Different Cloth Hangers

A Detailed Guide About Different Cloth Hangers

It’s a matter of the fact that wardrobes are looking best when tidy and organized. An organized wardrobe with all the clothes kept at their designated spaces can not only remove the burden off the shoulders but can also help you to think about your next outfit for the day patiently. The role that hangers play in a wardrobe cannot be denied as they are the main tool to provide suitable support to your different clothes. You can use the hangers to make a sufficient amount of space for your new clothes by storing the older ones on hangers and leaving plenty of space for other clothing options. 

It might get tricky when it comes to sorting the clothes as many people are not aware of the fact that which hangers would be a perfect choice for their clothes. The market is filled with options for different materials when it comes to hangers, including plastic, wood, and metal, so it depends on your personal preference and budget which hanger you are willing to get for your wardrobe. 

Hangers should be your first choice for the clothes that are not supposed to be folded and kept in a compartment. It’s necessary to differentiate between the clothes that would be hanged and those that would be kept folded. The key factors in such a situation are the structure and weight of your clothes as you don’t them to lose their original shape and shine.  The one basic thing you can do is to sort out your clothes according to the season you are in and then decide which ones you want at your fingertips and which ones would go into a drawer. 

The hangers play a pivotal role in the storage management of your clothes as they provide assortment and ease when it comes to instantly choose the clothes you need at the moment.  You can use different types of cloth hangers to distinguish between the clothes and divide them into categories so you can have easy access whenever you get your hands on any of the required outfits. 

If you are having a tough time arranging your wardrobe, then you can rely on a trick and only store the clothes that are your immediate requirement. The approach would help you make quick decisions and would also help you in decluttering the things that you don’t necessarily need in your wardrobe, leaving you with a lot of space for your clothes. You can hang the clothes you tend to wear on a daily basis and make your life a bit easier than before. 

Choose the Right Hanger 

Choosing the right kind of hanger is essential, and it clearly depends on the type of clothes that you are working on within your wardrobe. The hangers that you might prefer might be dictated by the fact that how big is your storage space and what kind of wardrobe you have in your living space.

Here’s a little guide to help you in choosing the correct type of hanger for your clothes. 

Plastic Hangers 

Plastic hangers are a great choice in case you are dealing with summer clothes. The plastic hangers are designed to withstand the weight of lightweight clothes, so they are ideal for your top, trousers, and t-shirts. They are quite durable when it comes to lightweight clothes but can be a challenge if the weight of the clothes is heavy. The cloth hanger supplier market is filled with cheap plastic hanger options, and you can get a bunch of them for a pretty reasonable price.

Wood Hangers 

Wood hangers are your all-in-one option for all kinds of clothes. They are built with robust material and can provide excellent support for clothes like sweaters, jackets, shirts, and trousers. The wooden hangers are one of the durable options that you can find in the cloth hanger market. Wooden hangers have become far more popular and better with time. They offer excellent value for your money as they can last up to several years, so it’s better to invest in them so you can use them for a long time. The price might vary in the case of these hangers as various suppliers provide different price brackets for the hangers. 

Metal Hangers 

Metal hangers are also an excellent choice for your clothes if you plan to ditch the plastic option. They help to keep the shape of your clothes intact and provide the required support to almost everything you can imagine. They are often light in weight but have the ability to withstand different weights, which makes them a suitable choice for different clothing options. You can get them at any departmental store or at a cloth hanger supplier at a reasonable price if you get them in a bulk quantity. 

Separate Hangers 

There are a few types of hangers that are supported with a stand and can be placed anywhere around your room. If you have a separate walk-in closet, then these can be a better option for you. The best part about these cloth hangers is that they provide you with plenty of space in the wardrobe due to the fact that they are kept separately within the premise of your room. They can only be beneficial if you have a suitable amount of space in your room. They are more like an investment and come in different materials such as steel and iron. 

The key advantage of these cloth hangers is that they can store all kinds of clothing options as they are built with robust materials like iron and can last you for years. You can hang your clothes and immediately make the decisions about the clothes that you might need for the day. There are various manufacturers and suppliers that have started to offer customizable and stylish options for these cloth hangers as they have become tremendously popular over the years. They might fall on the expensive side of the price spectrum, but they truly offer you the value for money that you would expect from a high-quality cloth hanger. There are many people who have started to ditch the classic hangers in favor of these as they make more sense when it comes to the financial expenditure that goes into buying various other kinds of hangers for each type of clothes that you have in your wardrobe. 

How to Know Which Hanger You Need?

The choice of hangers is quite versatile, and you would need to play a bit smart to figure out which cloth hanger you need for different types of clothes that you have in your wardrobe. Here’s a guide that might help you in making the right choice for a hanger.

Size of Clothes 

The size of the clothes is the first thing that you should consider when looking for a suitable hanger. You need to understand that different hangers are intended to bear a maximum weight, and you might not want to load the hanger with clothes that are double the capacity. For instance, if you are working with sweaters (which are quite heavy in weight), then you should opt for wooden hangers as they would not only bear the weight of your sweaters but will also keep the shape of the sweater just like a new one. Although, if you would choose plastic or metal options, then it should be known that it might cost you the stretching of the sweaters, which might lead to severe damage. Wooden hangers work best with jackets and sweaters, so it’s better that you pick them accordingly. You can choose metal or plastic options for lightweight summer clothing options. 

Fabric Type 

Fabric is another key thing that you need to look into when picking up the hangers for your clothes. You might need the rigid type of hangers for the clothes that are wool-based and lighter hanging options for the ones that are made with lighter materials like polyester and cotton. Fabrics that are wool-based tend to have a stretchy structure, so it’s better you get them stored with wooden hangers and pick plastic options for the ones that are made up of cotton. The metal ones are suitable for jeans and trousers as they are made with a thick form of cotton and are less likely to be torn when hanged with a metal hanger compared to soft cotton clothes. You can get in touch with a reliable cloth hanger manufacturer and ask them which sort of hangers would be suitable for your wardrobe. 

Hangers for Accessories 

There’s been a massive development in the hanger’s department in recent years as there have been several options that are meant to house your little clothing accessories. The market has been filled with different scarf hangers and hangers for innerwear that are built according to the weight and size of each garment, providing you another option to store your clothes in an efficient manner. You can find countless options in the market for your tiny accessories at a reasonable so you can sort your wardrobe just the way you like it.