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Yeelin – Leading Cloth Hangers Manufacturer of China

Are you looking to shop for the Best Plastic and Wooden Clothing Hangers at wholesale rates? Being one of the world-renowned coats and clothing hangers suppliers, we have bulk quantities available from our manufacturing plants capable of producing and dispatching thousands of quality-centric plastic and wooden hangers! The Yeelin factory is popular for Arts and Crafts such as hangers like mentioned above, and Mannequins as well. We are a leading brand manufacturing all sorts of custom hangers and also known as the top Chinese cloth hangers supplier in the global market. We have a variety of designs which are used by big multinational brands. We offer ODM services for cloth hangers to global traders and buyers. Our cloth holder hooks are made from premium quality raw material, and they meet the international standards of quality. You can get your custom cloth hanger in your desired size and color from us. Our team of experts will help you out in designing a unique hanger for you.

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Antique Wooden Suit Hanger

Item:YLW253QHMaterial: woodFinish: plain sanded or customizedSize: 42*2.0*4.0cm

Elegantly wooden shirt hanger

Item: YLW257Material: Local woodFinish: NaturalSize: 44*1.05cm

Wide Shoulder luxury Wooden Coat Hangers

Item:YLW253-AMaterial: Local wood Finish:BlackSize:42*1.6*3.2cm

High-end wooden coat hanger

Item:YLW001Material: beech woodFinish: naturalSize: 44*1.8*5.0cm

Wooden coat hanger

Item:YLW261-FLMaterial: local woodFinish: Black Pu and flockedSize: 42*1.4*2.5cm

Regular wooden top hanger High Gloss Black Finish

Item:YLW6712NMaterial: local woodFinish: rubberized coatingSize: 43*1.2cm

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Wooden Hanger

Organize your closet with our promising selection of well-made and classy wood hangers. Manufactured with a blend of high-quality wood and artificial leather, these hangers are perfect to hold heaviest of jackets, overcoats, tan suits or fur coats. Our leather hangers come with a rust-proof metal hook and two clips that can easily carry your garments without damaging its shape or quality. These are available in white, black or grey colours.

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Meet Yeelin – One of the Pioneers of Cloth Hangers Supplier Circuit

If you are searching for hangers for your wardrobe, then Yeelin has the answer to all your questions. Yeelin is the leading cloth hangers manufacturers. We provide all kinds of hangers for your clothing needs, including wholesale wooden hangers, metal hangers, satin hangers, and laundry hangers that are durable and capable of handling all kinds of heavy clothes. Hanging clothes might sound like an easy task, but it can be challenging to get the right set of hangers to accommodate the clothes. Yeelin, as the industry-leading cloth hangers supplier, understands what our customers need, and that is why we compete with the key players of the clothes hanger exporter circle. 

 The clothes might weigh differently, and you would need to have appropriate hangers to put each of the cloth on them properly. Our hangers are the best in class and are designed to ensure that your fabric doesn’t lose its original shape. Unlike other cloth hangers suppliers, our hangers are designed keeping each outfit in mind, so you don’t have to worry about the different sizes of your clothes.  What sets us apart from other cloth hangers manufacturers is the fact that we offer wooden hangers at affordable prices so you can protect your favorite outfits. 

Need Hangers for Heavy Clothes? – Get Them from the Leading Cloth Hangers Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing the right hanger for heavy outfits, it often ends up confusing you because there are not many options available in the market. The first thing you should keep in mind before getting hangers for heavy clothes is that the built of those hangers should be robust so that they can bear the weight of your different outfits. Yeelin, as a pioneer cloth hangers manufacturer, identifies the problem, and we offer a variety of heavy-duty hangers that are not only heavy-duty but are durable, so you don’t have to invest again in hangers once you have brought them from us. Many manufacturers of cloth hangers offer a variety of options but what makes us different is the affordability that we offer with a wide variety of hangers. If you are looking for the top cloth hangers suppliers, then Yeelin has got you sorted. The quality that we provide has made us established our name among the leading clothes hanger distributors worldwide. Yeelin, as the renowned supplier of cloth hangers, ensures that our products adhere to the international standards of quality. 

Hangers for Light Clothes 

Light clothes might include your shirts and other summer clothes that almost everybody has in their wardrobe. When you have so many summer clothes lying around, it often becomes difficult to manage them and find a suitable hanger for each of the outfits. The good thing is that Yeelin, as a leading cloth hangers supplier, has got you covered as we realize the need for a different type of hanger for each of your outfits. Many suppliers of cloth hangers use low-grade material for the manufacturing of hangers, but we care about our reputation as a key cloth hangers manufacturer; hence we choose the best material for our products.